What are FlowBands?

FlowBands Non-Slip Headbands are the best headbands you can find, anywhere!

We are committed to providing you with beautiful, comfortable, TRULY NON-SLIP headbands that will keep your hair out of your way while you’re in yoga class–or Spanish class.  Playing in the garden, or working at the office.  Runnin’ and jumpin’, or maxin’ and relaxin’.  You get the idea.  If you’ve got flow, you need a FlowBand.

Ok, but what the heck is flow?

In case you don’t live with lacrosse players, I’ll tell you.  It’s hair.

Yes, flow, according to LAX bros, is hair.   LAXers often grow their hair long for lacrosse season.  When you’re a lacrosse player, having good flow increases your awesomeness.  Especially when it flows out of the back of your helmet.  I know this because I DO live with lacrosse players.  Two of them.

So, last spring, when I began making these super-awesome, non-slip headbands in order to solve my own slippery hair woes, both of my teenage sons were in the middle of lacrosse season.  There was a lot of “flow talk” going on at our house.  When I decided to share my bands with the world and began looking for a name for my product, we all had flow on the brain.  FlowBands!  It stuck.  (And yes, FlowBands work great for dudes with flow, too.  Except guys may want to lay off the sparkles.  Or not.  If any group of guys could successfully pull off sparkle headbands, it would be LAX bros.)

It’s a happy coincidence that flow (as you are more likely to know) is also considered an ideal mental state.  When we are in a flow state, we become completely absorbed in the task at hand.  Whatever it is we’re doing, we are totally into it.  It’s not too easy, or too hard.  It’s just right.  We lose track of time, become unaware of our bodily needs, even of our identity.  It’s almost as if we cease to exist.  We are outside of time, perfectly engaged with our activity.  Flow feels like joy.  It’s where we all want to be.  In the zone.

Double flowy awesomeness.

I often enter a flow state when I’m shopping for lovely things.  Perhaps you know what I mean?

Click shop, and flow on, amigas.